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๐Ÿ’ฐDeposit & Withdraw

Walkthrough of the steps to deposit and withdraw assets.

To start trading you will need to deposit assets.

  • Deposits are made into the protocol's smart contracts, which are non-custodial and audited.

  • Deposits automatically earn interest because of the protocol's integrated money market.

How to Deposit

-> Click on any Deposit button.

This can be found on the portfolio, opening the wallet control, and balance tables.

-> Select the asset to deposit.

-> Enter the amount you want to deposit.

-> Complete the deposit by clicking on Deposit and signing the transaction

How to Withdraw

-> Click on any Withdraw button.

This can be found alongside deposit buttons on the portfolio, wallet control, and balance tables.

-> Select the asset you want to withdraw.

-> You will see your Max Withdrawal -- this is your balance minus anything in orders or needed as margin positions.

-> Select the amount you want to withdraw.

If you wish to withdraw more than your max withdrawal, you can toggle on borrowing which lets you borrow and withdraw against your portfolio margin. Please refer to the Borrowing tutorial.

-> To complete the withdraw click the Withdraw button and sign the transaction.

During high gas fee periods withdrawals are queued until gas is within the reasonable threshold, at which point they will be submitted to the chain. Every signed withdrawal will be submitted. You can review the withdrawal status on your History page.

If you have open positions or borrows, withdrawing reduces your portfolio's available margin and increases your risk.

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