Common signing issues & questions

Q: What is Vertex's EIP712 domain?

    name: 'Vertex',
    version: '0.0.1',
    chainId: chainId,
    verifyingContract: contractAddress

See signing for more details.

Q: How can i retrieve the verifying contracts to use?

Via the contracts query.

Q: Which contract should I use for each execute?

  • For place orders: use the orderbook contract of the corresponding product.

  • For everything else: use the endpoint contract.

See the contracts query for more details.

Q: I am running into signature errors, how to fix?

Signature errors can arise for several reasons:

  • An invalid struct: confirm you are signing the correct struct. See the Signing page to verify the struct of each execute request.

  • An invalid chain id: confirm you have the correct chain id for the network you are on.

  • An invalid verifying contract: confirm you have the correct verifying contract address for the network and execute you are signing. i.e: confirm you are using the correct orderbook address for place orders and endpoint address for everything else.

Q: Is any other signing standard supported?

No, only EIP712.

Q: Are there any examples you can provide?

See examples.

Q: What is the PrimaryType of execute X?

All primary types are listed in our signing page.

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