Interactions with Vertex's offchain sequencer

There are two types of actions. An Execute involves a modification to state, and a Query merely fetches information from state.

All actions can be sent over websocket as json payloads at WEBSOCKET [GATEWAY_WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT]

Additionally, you can send executes and queries over HTTP, at POST [GATEWAY_REST_ENDPOINT]/execute and GET/POST [GATEWAY_REST_ENDPOINT]/query respectively. For executes, the request should be sent with a json payload, while for queries, the payload should be encoded into url query strings.



  • Websocket: wss://

  • REST:


  • Websocket: wss://

  • REST:


Notes on keeping websocket connections alive:

  • When interacting with our API via websocket, you must send ping frames every 30 seconds to keep the websocket connection alive.

  • Ping / Pong frames are built into the websocket protocol and should be supported natively by your websocket library. See Ping/Pong frames for more info.


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