Linked Signer Rate Limit

Query current linked signer and rate limit usage for a provided subaccount.

A subaccount can perform a max of 5 LinkSigner requests in 7 days. Use this query to check current usage and wait time.

Rate limits

  • 1200 requests/min or 200 requests/10secs per IP address. (weight = 2)

See more details in API Rate limits


Queries a subaccount's linked signer rate limits.



  "linked_signer_rate_limit": {
    "subaccount": "0x9b9989a4E0b260B84a5f367d636298a8bfFb7a9b42544353504f540000000000"


  "remaining_tx": "5",
  "wait_time": 0,
  "signer": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
  "total_tx_limit": "5"


  • remaining_tx: keeps track of the remaining LinkSigner executes that can be performed.

  • total_tx_limit: that max weekly tx limit.

  • wait_time: the total seconds you need to wait before performing another LinkSigner execute. Can only perform another request when wait_time is 0.

  • signer: the current linked signer address (20 bytes) associated to the provided subaccount. It returns the zero address when no signer is linked.

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