Archive (indexer)

Query Vertex's indexed historical data

Using Vertex's indexer API you can access historical data in the platform as it is processed by our offchain sequencer. This includes: trading activity, events, candlesticks and more.

You can interact with our indexer by sending HTTP requests at POST [ARCHIVE_ENDPOINT] alongside a json payload of the query. Endpoints:






Available Queries:

pageOrderspageMatchespageEventspageSummarypageCandlestickspageFunding RatepageInterest & funding paymentspageOracle PricepagePerp PricespageProduct SnapshotspageMarket SnapshotspageMaker StatisticspageRewardspageReferral CodepageLiquidation FeedpageLinked Signer Rate LimitpageSubaccountspageUSDC Price

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