Depositing into Vertex has to be done directly on-chain. The address of the endpoint contract can be found at <vertex-url>/query?type=contracts

The deposit function ABI is:

function depositCollateral(
    // last 12 bytes of the subaccount bytes32
    bytes12 subaccountName, 
    uint32 productId,
    // raw amount of the ERC20 contract; i.e. 
    // if USDC has 6 decimals and you want to deposit 1 USDC
    // provide 1e6; if wETH has 18 decimals and you want to
    // deposit 1 wETH, provide 1e18
    uint128 amount
) external {}

Which you can submit to the endpoint contract.

Deposits may take a few seconds to process after they have submitted to the chain. You can find the token addresses associated with specific product ids via the All products query. Ensure that you:

  • Use the correct product_id

  • Have given the endpoint contract enough allowance

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