Paginated Queries

Paginated versions of the base queries.

Makes paginated calls to Indexer API > Orders

const res = await vertexClient.context.indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountOrders(...)

Makes paginated calls to Indexer API > Matches

const indexerClient = vertexClient.context.indexerClient;
const res = await indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountMatchEvents(...)


Makes paginated calls to Indexer API > Events

const indexerClient = vertexClient.context.indexerClient;

// BurnLp / MintLp events
const lpEvents = await indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountLpEvents(...)

// Deposit / Withdraw collateral events
const collateralEvents = await indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountCollateralEvents(...)

// SettlePnl events
const settlePnlEvents = await indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountSettlementEvents(...)

// Liquidate Subaccount events
const liquidationEvents = await indexerClient.getPaginatedSubaccountLiquidationEvents(...)

API Reference

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